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WITCH HUNT in belfast AGAINST republicans

jenny b | 08.11.2002 23:07

WITCH HUNT against NIO civil servants in Belfast! Belfast NIO civil servants face summary arrest and interrogation, if the state targets them, becos their relatives/friends maybe sympathetic to Sinn fein/SDLP or simply becos they are catholic living in republican areas. There is a pervading climate of fear in northern ireland, where catholic/republican/left wing protestant workers not only face summary execution by the LVF but now also ARREST AND INTERROGATION by the brit state security services on false charges/allegations of spying.

Recent developments in the way the state/authorities/establishment deal with troublesome union representatives. Thats one way NIO bosses get rid of CIVIL SERVICE employees without having to answer charges of UNFAIR DISMISSAL. Just have your civil service employee arrested on bogus spying charges. The recent arrest of an NIO civil servant in belfast by club footed PSNI Special branch , is worrying development and equal opportunities setback for all employees and workers. The NIO civil servant was subsequently released without being charged, only after enduring 2 days of interrogation, humiliated by the arrest and the resulting groundless suspicion generated. If the state and it's security forces can target innocent men/women on an empty whims, then noone is safe, we are next. The politically motivated purges and false arrests of CATHOLIC/REPUBLICAN/left wing NIO civil servants will continue. The recent heavy handed security tactics of the brit state would be more suited to a junta dictatorship in a latin american banana republic or a third world state, not a supposed European democracy. The recent arrests of NIO civil servants on trumpted up allegations of spying, are a clear message to NIO civil servants that they are not entitled to freedom of political expression, if they are suspected of having even the mildest leftwing/republican/nationalist sympathies they will harassed out of the NIO under threats of arrest.

jenny b