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Fun with Echelon

YouknowWhoI'msure | 08.11.2002 22:53

Perhaps we need to start returning fire on the eavesdroppers and keyboard spies?

Why not have some fun by sending around the internet this weekend, and whenever possible, a string of plausibly meaningful words which will keep the poor GCHQ/NSA underlings busy? A good time might be in the midst of an attack on Iraq? Their system 'flags' for significance, and can do so with ease across the web, but eventually some human being will need to 'evaluate' the "intelligence".

Examples of some random 'trigger phrases' generated by !Spook:

tactics for germ warfare
next delivery of chemical weapons
weapons-grade plutonium to be sold to liberation front
intelligence data on government personnel
payment for atomic weapons
secret contacts with saboteurs
plan for trapping GCHQ staff
top-secret information from CIA headquarters
arrangements for anarchist demonstration
salaam liberate shaitan america
Kill President Trotsky!
NORAD command centre
blockade strike infiltrate
Free Palestrina (preferably with a good early music orchestra) from zionist subjugation
destroy Menwith Hill
tap Tony's phone

Some random 'greetings' generated by !Spook:
Did you enjoy reading this, eavesdroppers?
NSA and your cronies: Your spying is contemptible!
Shame on you for snooping on your fellow citizens!
How many people's privacy have you violated today?
NSA/GCHQ spies: Have a nice day listening.
You would-be defenders of freedom are in fact its real enemies

Change your "trigger phrases" regularly to make them more effective. Be creative now