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A Scottish Anarchist Dayschool, 09 Nov 2002

A Scottish Anarchist | 08.11.2002 16:18

A dayschool for anarchists and for people interested in libertarian ideas.

Discussion, debate, workshops, food

November 9th 2002
10:30 am - 5:00 pm

A Scottish Anarchist Dayschool in Glasgow, Scotland

Kinning Park Complex
(at the old school by Kinning Park underground)

Workshops and discussion:

Another world is possible - the Anarchist Alternative:
A member of the Black Flag Collective outlines the libertarian alternative to capitalism and ‘state socialism’

The anarchist movement today – Scotland and beyond:
An Anarchist Federation member outlines the re-emergence of the libertarian movement locally and worldwide.

Getting the message across – the libertarian media in Scotland:
A member of the Counter-Information collective talks about how libertarians are connecting with people.

Organising in our communities – a working class anarchist perspective:
A comrade from Dundee talks about working class resistance to the state, capital, racism and fascism where we live.

Anarchism and Marxism – The great divide?
A discussion on the differences between the libertarian and the authoritarian visions of socialism.

Plenary session – Where next?

£3.00 waged £1.00 low/unwaged – Tea, coffee and lunch available

Contact Anarchist Federation-Alba for further details:

Underground strike, all drivers on wildcat strike dismissed. Talk of skeleton service on Underground with non-striking staff.

BOYCOTT the Underground on Saturday!

unless the workers are all reinstated on Friday don't side with Strathclyde Transport!

from centre get First Bus, 3,9,54,55,56 bus or 25a, 36, 38 Arriva. both Union St.

from west end 9 or 89 [latter get off ist stop Paisley Rd. West past Grapes

get an all day ticket £1.95 unless you have a pass!

happy travelling!

A Scottish Anarchist