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ESF FLORENCE: Disobedients occupy Caterpillar factory

flintstone | 08.11.2002 11:57 | European Social Forum

This morning in Florence the Disobedients have carried out an action against Caterpillar, the multinational that produce bulldozer used by the Israelis Force Army to commit war crimes.

A group of about hundred disobedients this morning has gained access to the caterpillar factory in calenzano (Florence) and have simboliccally occupied it, disrupting their work, and painting bulldozers and walls with slogans against the war, and against Sharon and the genocide in Palestine.

Workers at the factory have been given informative offprints explaining the involvment of caterpillar in the middle east conflict.

Caterpillar is GUILTY of distruct more than 2650 palestinians homes and civilian facilities.
Caterpillar is INVOLVED in the slaughter of palestinian people, and working side by side of murderer Sharon.