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War Porn on BBC Website

KT | 04.11.2002 08:47

War Porn on BBC Website

For all those that don't believe that the BBC (and the rest of the mainstream media) are a vital part of the war drive check out this piece of war wank from their website...

e-mail them on if you're not a fan of eulogies to Weapons of Mass Destruction.

My own effort ...

Nick Childs article on the stealth Bomber was a stomach churning piece of drooling war-toy worship.
Within his breathless eulogy of its murderous capabilities, there was not one reference to the fact that these machines are designed to kill people.
The US and UK on the brink of invading Iraq in a war which will undoubtedly result in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians. It is highly likely that a good proportion of these deaths will come about as a result of B2 bombers and their payload of weapons of mass destruction (or 'crowd pleasers' as they are known, according to Mr. Childs).
Will Nick Childs' next article be glorifying the impressive killing potential of cluster bombs?
Or how about a piece on the exciting death dealing properties of depleted uranium?

I myself have written an article looking at the fantastic destructive capability of a jumbo jet deliberately crashed into a building full of civilians - any chance of it featuring on your impartial and balanced website?