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Advertising American Values

Ali Sina | 03.11.2002 21:31

Can really America convince the Muslims that the American way is better?

By: Ali Sina

The United States is going to spend $15 million dollars in ad campaign in Islamic countries to show the Muslims that America is a tolerant country where Muslims are not discriminated. The idea is to teach the Muslims some American values; hopefully they will see that tolerance is a good thing and they too will become more tolerant of America and the Americans.

What a noble thought! But unfortunately it underlies the sad reality that the American government does not have a clue about Islam and because of that makes assumptions that are not correct.

The fact is that the Muslims know about American values but they reject them. They prefer Islamic values. The proof of that are the homegrown Muslims. Do you think that John Walker Lindh, Jose Padilla and John Allah Mohammad do not know the American values? They were born and grown up in America. But when they converted to Islam, they adopted Islamic values. Islam and democracy, for example, are not compatible at all. You cannot preach to a Muslim about the virtues of democracy because you are undermining his religion that opposes democracy. Tolerance is good as long as the Muslims are at the receiving end, but Islam and tolerance are not compatible. The book of Quran contains hundreds of disparaging and violent teachings when it comes to the treatment of the non-Muslims. So what is it that the American government hopes to achieve with those ad campaigns? To encourage the Muslims to be tolerant? That would mean to overrule the explicit teachings of the Quran! That would mean to disregard the sunnah (tradition, examples) of the Prophet who massacred and banished the Jews and Christians from Arabia and in his deathbed ordered that Arabia be cleansed from these infidels, a will that his successor Omar carried out a few years later.

The truth is that Muslims know about the American values. Many of the mosque-going Muslims have been living in America for decades. They have grown up here, studied here, work here and live here. They are very much familiar with American values. But they are first Muslims and then American or anything else. Their first allegiance is to Islam and their main objective is, as Ibrahim Hooper, the chairman of CAIR (The Council of American Islamic Relations) has said, to convert America into an Islamic country. Muslims want to get rid of the American values and implement Islamic values. Therefore wielding the American values in their face, hoping that they would be attracted to it, would only work if they leave Islam. To become tolerant, Muslims must denounce Islam; to practice democracy, they must relinquish Islam, which is a theocratic religion par excellence. But how can that be done when the American President keeps telling, “This is not about Islam” and “America is not fighting against Islam”? The very fact that you prefer democracy, tolerance and equality of rights between men and women are enough evidence that you are against Islam and Islamic values.

Some people wonder why Muslims become so irritated when you criticize their religion. To understand this phenomenon you have to understand Muhammad. Muhammad was a narcissist. He craved for attention and demanded his followers to love him more than their own parents, and more than their own selves. Personality cult is part of the despotic rule. Muhammad could make such demands by putting his wishes in the mouth of his imaginary Allah. Also because he was a narcissist he could not tolerate dissent and because of that he had no regards for human lives. Killing those who differed with him was as easy for him as killing bugs. Nothing mattered to him except his own self and his reveries of grandiosity.

Muslims echo that mindset. They have lost their own identity as independent human beings. They see themselves as part of Muhammad’s extended ego. They see their own existence as a function to appease him or and now to appease his ghost. They have accepted to become supplies to that man’s narcissistic cravings.

Muhammad convinced his followers that those who serve him more, love him more, and sacrifice themselves for him more are the best. Obedience to Allah actually meant obedience to him and fear of Allah was also fear of him. So Muslims of his time competed with each other to meet his approval. The great historian Al Tabari, writes that Muslim tribes and individuals vied with each other to do for him a service that would attract his attention and approval. He would promise them heaven and they were elated with those promises. Tabari writes: if someone would assassinate an opponent of Muhammad and he would praise the assassin for getting him rid of that opponent, other Muslims would come to him and tell him that so and so is also badmouthing his holiness and would ask his permission to kill that person. This sycophantic sprit lingered and is accentuated by the passage of time. Muhammad is dead but the apple-polishing spirit has survived. Muhammad is dead but his intolerance has survived. Muhammad is dead but the community that he forged continues to live by the standard that he left. There are several stories about Omar, the second caliph, who would pull out his sword asking permission to slay the man who would question Muhammad’s claim in front of him. Why would Omar behave in such manner? Obviously he was encouraged by Muhammad's approval. In this way he would show his total devotion to him and would demonstrate that he is a loyal believer. If you say a word against Muhammad and Muslims today behave as if they want to slit your throat is because that legacy of violent and sycophantic zealotry condoned and encouraged by Muhammad has survived. Therefore the source of all Islamic bigotry and intolerance must be traced to Muhammad himself. This is a colossal catastrophe that a billion people follow the whims of an emotionally insane narcissist man.

So what is the solution? But before that let me tell you what IS NOT the solution. Fighting Muslims is not the solution. Discriminating against them is not the solution. Hating them is not the solution. Remember that Islam thrived with hate. Islam needs an enemy to survive. If there is no enemy it invents one. Doctrines of hate cannot survive without enemy. The communists had the bourgeoisie to hate, the Nazis had the Jews to hate and the Muslims have the non-believers to hate. So by becoming their enemy you are fueling their fire. They grow stronger when they have enemies. Hating the Muslims will only harden them. Muslims want to believe they are the victims to justify their violent behavior as “self-defense”. So what is the solution?

Understanding them is the solution. You have to understand why they behave in this way. When you understand that, you realize that they are victims of Islam and instead of hating them you try to help them. But how? The answer is by exposing the fallacies of their belief. We must undermine the foundation of their beliefs. That is the solution. We should not attack the Muslims but Islam. Just as a doctor would not destroy the patient but the disease, we should view Islam as the disease of the Muslims. Mr. Bush is wasting the taxpayer’s money by trying to teach Muslims the American values. That is not going to work. Many Muslims live in America; many of them are American converts. They know perfectly what are the American values. There is no need to show them what they already know. They know it and they still cling to Islam. They are against democracy. They are against equality of genders. They are against freedom of dress code for women. They know what are the American values and they are against them. So why waste money telling Muslims in Indonesia, Malaysia and other parts of the world things that they already know and reject?

The solution is to demolish their values. And that is what Faith Freedom International at is doing. We are demonstrating that Muhammad was a narcissist, like Hitler, Stalin and other despots. We are showing he was a plunderer, a liar, a murderer, an assassin, a pedophile and we are proving our claims with the very Islamic sources. We have challenged the Muslims, their scholars and their western apologists like Karen Armstrong, John Esposito, Prof. Sells of UNC and others to disprove us. They did not have the guts to show up. FFI is nuking the foundation of the Islamic beliefs. We are sowing the seeds of doubts. We are making them think. We are revolutionizing their accepted wisdom. And we are having an impact. The beauty of this war is that at the end our enemy is converted into our ally and best friend. We are not apart from them. We are from them. We know how they feel and we can help.

This is a new dawn for the followers of Muhammad. This is the beginning of the renaissance of Islamic world. And this renaissance is going to take place now and in our own lifetime.

But there is no free lunch, as they say. We cannot expose Islam if the Media and Press are sycophantic towards the Muslims. I acknowledge that the President Bush and Tony Blair have no other alternative than to sing the same old tune “It is not about Islam” and “Islam is a religion of peace”. But the rest of us do not have to play this PC game. We can speak out. We do not have to lie in order to appease the Muslims. All of us who care for Humanity and want our children to live in peace and care about Muslims must defend the truth even if that truth hurts someone. It is much better that we hurt the “sensibility” of the Muslims than the devout believers among them inspired by the teachings of the Quran murder us just because we are disbelievers.

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Dumb Ass

03.11.2002 23:10

You Are a F**kin P***K who does'nt know a S**t about Islam
Hope tha Nazi Christian Like you die in hell


Ali Sina is right

04.11.2002 09:35

Ali Sina rights:

"If you say a word against Muhammad and Muslims today behave as if they want to slit your throat is because that legacy of violent and sycophantic zealotry condoned and encouraged by Muhammad has survived."

Rajesh writes:

"You Are a F**kin P***K who does'nt know a S**t about Islam
Hope tha Nazi Christian Like you die in hell "

Do we need more proof?


a pack of racist lies!

04.11.2002 11:33

I grew up and went to school in Oxford along with kids and families from all backgrounds, including Muslim. And hey, guess what, they were normal kids like the rest of us!

So it boggles me that anyone falls for the racist rubbish getting written about Muslims these days. Believe it or not, Muslim people are, like, people; not beings from a Parallel Dimension of Darkness and Evil.

So regimes and movements have used Islam as an excuse for reactionary attitudes and oppression? What a revalation! I mean, it's not as if any other religion has ever been used like that, is it?

The rampant Islamophobia infecting the media at the moment is a threat to all of us. If the establishment can succeed in marginalising and scapegoating one minority, they can do it to any of us.

They're also trying to whip up fear of Islam to divide the anti-war / anti-capitalist movement.

First they came for the Muslims...?

ageing hack

Is Islamophobia wrong?

04.11.2002 18:02

ageing hack

Before dismissing these claims you should read site. Ali Sina is an ex-Muslim so you cannot accuse him of racism. The majority of the members and the contributors to the site are ex-Muslims. They are not attacking the Muslims; they are attacking Islam, which is an ideology. No ideology is above criticism.

The fact that “regimes and movements have used Islam as an excuse for reactionary attitudes and oppression” is because Islam is apt for reactionary attitudes. Can you really rally the masses of Christians and use Jesus’ teachings to incite them for war? No! The Evangels do not justify indiscriminate killing.

You may bring the example of the Crusades. But at that time the general public was ignorant of the Bible and the Church gave them a distorted version of the Christianity.

But look at the Quran. It is full of violence. Can you find anything like this in the New Testament? See this link:

This is not about the Muslims, who as you say are just as good as anyone else. This is about Islam that is as violence as Nazism and fascism.

Why should “Islamophobia” be a threat to all of us? Is speaking against Nazism, fascism, communism or other totalitarian despotic doctrines a threat to all of us? On the contrary, not speaking against the evil is a danger to all of us. It is time that we speak the truth. Why are you so afraid of the truth? Are Islamophobics wrong? Then come forth and tell them where they are wrong. But we can no more remain silent and continue with the policy of appeasement. Please go to the forum of and tell the people there that they are wrong. But if you can’t then don’t try to silence their voices. May be they are saying something that could really save the world.


Ali Sina Bigiot

30.11.2003 01:40

This ali sina guy opinions are as bigoted as his website. WTF are his articles being posted for?

Can we get racist Daniel pipes on here also ? I'm sure they'd get along great.

Read here :