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Embassies Become Focus of Solidarity Protests

18.11.2002 12:32

In a clear signal of the level of repression suffered by civil movements worldwide, London recently saw a string of embassy picketts in solidarity with diverse groups. The unholy alliance between oil business and the US government also sent people to the streets again.
Italy: is it Fascism, or should we find a new name?
On Friday evening dozens of people gathered outside the Italian embassy to protest at recent arrests of political activists from No Global Network in the south of that country. The event was called at very short notice by Globalise Resistance and is part of an increasing international outcry at the totalitarian tendencies of the Berlusconi government. For more reports and information in English language see IMC-UK World page or in Italian IMC-Italy
Anti-Basque Repression in Spain
Citizens demonstrated on Saturday morning at the Spanish embassy against the wave of repression suffered by Basque nationalists and Left groups in general in Spain. The small but diverse crowd was composed of people of diverse origins: British, Irish, Basque, Catalonian, Castillian, etc. They were accompanied by a small police intelligence unit which concentrated on photographing everyone present.
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America's Ivy League of Terror
While twelve thousand people gathered outside the gates of the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia, around forty people gathered outside the U.S. Embassy on saturday, in the first ever solidarity demonstration in London. Others also gathered outside the U.S. Embassy in Dublin. The infamous School for decades has been training elite torturers for Latin American armies.
Bush/Raymond "Wedding" March for Climate Change
A wedding march and ceremony took place on the 16th Nov, between George W Bush and Lee Raymond, CEO of Exxon Mobil ('Esso') at the US embassy. Organised by the Campaign against Climate Change, the march featured a samba band, plus a 'Mr. Corporate Greed' and 'Mr Loony Republican Hard Right', as well as the happy couple. The musical, balloon-streaming procession led a path from Holborn via Trafalgar Sq. to the US embassy in Grosvenor Sq. A fun event with a serious message to the US that collaboration between oil/fossil-fuel lobbies behind Bush's dumping of the Kyoto climate treaty and those that continue to control his world-threatening climate and energy policies will not go unnoticed. Pics
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Outside the Spanish embassy
Outside the Spanish embassy

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