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Cambridge Actions for O31

Manos | 31.10.2002 18:28 | Cambridge

CamSaw: 230 students occupy. thousands wear armbands, Market Sq ringed, dead bodies outside St Mary's and banner off Fitzwilliam Museum.

Mass occupation of DERA Building

Just before 2pm, 230 students occupied the Dera building on New Museum's Site in an act of civil disobedience against the war. People have been making anti-war t-shirts, music, banners, eating, giving interviews to the press, writing essays and discussing what to do next to stop the war.
The atmosphere is very relaxed - the university security have been very pleasant and there's even a toddler inside. Some superivsors cancelled their classes in solidarity.
We're still there, so please come along if you're free. The building is on New Museum's Site, behind the Rolls Royce lab and opposite the Examination Halls. There should be a banner outside.

Armbands against the War!

Earlier in the day, thousands of students turned up to their lectures sporting white armbands. Some staff even joined in and encouraged their students to do the same.
Demand for armbands was far higher than supply. Despite continuous tearing of material, we've been unable to keep up.

Market Square ringed!

The Campeace Ring of Peace around Market Square was also successful, with Market Square surrounded by peace protestors for an hour at lunchtime.

Die-in outside Great St Mary's

A group of Women in Black supporters 'died' outside Great St Mary's, to ths shock of passing students and tourists. The eerie bodies on the ground reminded people of the surreality of war.

Banner off Fitzwilliam Museum

Anyone passing Fitzwilliam Museum this morning would have seen a beautiful banner hanging off the roof, right in the middle, saying 'Stop the War - Oct 31st". Pretty cool, eh?

and that's just Cambridge - imagine what's going on across the country.

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