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London Orbital

doshfokwonfu | 30.10.2002 15:03

Did anyone catch that excellent art commentary on C4 last night ?

What a scoop, with contributions by J G Ballard (author of "The Atrocity Exhibition")! In all perhaps the best statement on modern capitalism for many years.
The approach was, essentially, to examine the alienation of life through the subject of the M25, the orbital motorway of the title. Treating it not as a mere utility, or a tedious nuisance, but as an entity in itself, interrspersed with literary allusions past and present, and worth keeping a look out for in case it gets repeated. Time, about 90 mins.
Dissappointing, though, that nobody placed a notice on this site, because it must be generally known as a meeting point for those opposed to the current state of things in general (directly through the roads protests of recent years) .

Another C4 documentary that WILL be repeated (Thursday 3.55 AM) is "Prison Works", the death of Zahid Mubarek. This, you may recall, was the tragic story of the murder of a young minor offender in Feltham, killed just days before his release by his unstable cellmate, who was suffering from race-hate delusions. How did it come to be that they were placed in the same cell ? Unanswered questions, for there will be no public enquiry about this dreadful event. If you missed this documentary before, record it tomorrow.