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Anarchist Bookfair report

visitor | 21.10.2002 17:07

The 21st annual Anarchist Bookfair was held in London on Saturday 19th October 2002

Anarchist Bookfair report
Anarchist Bookfair report

Over 50 stalls packed out the main hall at the Camden Centre, Euston Road, with publishers, campaign groups and more information that you could ever hope to read. Zines, CDs, tee-shirts, videos, books banners and comics all crammed the tables alongside an long list of workshops, discussions and presentations. A creche ran throughout the day as did one room dedicated to film screenings.

A short lived 'suspect package' alert temporarily cleared the camden centre venue but things were soon underway again. A fundraising gig with popular anarchist band chumbawumba followed the bookfair (£6) while an alternative punk gig in a nearby squatted building providing a cheaper (different) alternative. In between the end of the bookfair and the gigs someone rigged up a a small projector and speakers in the street to show films.

Many of the workshops were packed full throughout the day and the event of course provided the opportunity for friends to catch up with each other and an ideal environment to make new ones and strengthen contact networks.

If anyone's got any ideas for how the bookfair can be developed, or some feedback on this years event, there's an open meeting on sunday 17th November at Conway Hall, (25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL) from 6pm-9pm to discuss it all - or email the bookfair at

Thanks to bookfair crew everyone who put in the hard work to make it a successful event!




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