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Riots in Barcelona today

olle | 12.10.2002 13:51 Barcelona EU

Riots broke out in Barcelona earlier today (Saturday 12th)
Eye-witness report:

A antifascist demonstration in the central parts of Barcelona turned into riots just a few hours ago. It is unclear to me at the present moment what groups are behind the demonstration. According to some sources the organisation "Accion Antifascista" who have been associated with black block tactics during resent years of mass-protests in Europe.

11.00: A relativly large croud gathers at Plaza Urquinaona for a antifascist demonstration.

(about)12.30: The demonstration is heading west towards Plaza Catalunya, when stopped by a large number of police in full riot gear, blocking the road.
The first confrontations take place. Protesters hurling bottles. Police chasing protesters back towards Plaza Urquinaona.

(about) 12.40: Police attempting to surround Plaza Urquinaona. First
barricades going up. Most protesters retreat north on Pau Claris heading towards Gran Via. Police follow. The protesters who remain on Plaza Urquinaona head back towards Plaza Catalunya.

12.45: About 20 police vans arrive at Plaza Catalunya. All protesters
heading towards Gran Via. The side-streets of Passeig de Gràcia are blocked by barricades.

(about) 12.50: A large group of protesters (I would guess around 300),
continue along Gran Via towards Plaza Universidad. Barricades are set up on Gran Via blocking traffic. Chairs and outdoor furniture are thrown into the street. Again confrontations with police.

(about)13.00: Protesters arrive at Plaza Universidad and join with another group of protesters who are coming from Ronda Universidad. Police are in the background, waiting for reinforcements. Probably there are riots in other parts of the city at this point.

13.05: Protesters head down along Ronda Sant Antoni. Banks and the windows of some large corporations are smashed.

13.10: On Ronda Sant Antoni large barricades are being built using garbage disposal containers (they are on every street corner) and glas-recyceling "igloos".

(about) 13.15: Police charge the barricades with armoured vans, driving directly into them. Prostesters are running aimlessly.

13.30: Protesters are shattered into a large number of smaller groups
heading in different directions. Confrontaitions are taking place on a large number of places around the city, some confrontations are as far off as Plaza España, police and protesters playing what seems like a cat and mouse game.
Riots contuniue for at least an hour on variuos places. A large number of arrests has been made (unknown how many at the moment - i saw at least 5 arrests myself).

In the present moment riots might still be going on in the city. The police helicopter is still circulation above an area close to Paral-lel. Just about 20 minutes ago I witnessed a confrontaition between protestors an a group of fascists near the university. I can hear the sound of police sirens as I am writing this.



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