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Workers don't kill workers!

ChiRevNet | 11.10.2002 04:23

ChiRevNet(Chicago Revolutionary Network) puts out statement for workers of the world to unite against war, and not to kill Iraqui or other workers.


The latest terrorist saga of the U.S. capitalist/imperialist ruling class--through Bush’s never-ending "war on terrorism" in search of absolute, gobal, U.S. capitalist/imperialist domination--is a war on Iraq. This for the economic, greedy profit-motive of oil super-profits, Iraq having the world’s second largest proven oil reserves. Thus, Saddam Hussein (who is an enemy of the Iraqi and international working class--like Bush, et. al) must go militarily. And who will pay the price? Foremost, Iraqi working people and their children: next, U.S. workers in the imperialist "service" of big U.S. capital. But, does it have to be this way?

While a peace movement even before the start of the U.S. imperialist war on Iraq is heartening, a beginning, it is workers internationally, especially in the U.S., that need to step up, organize and wage the fighting class struggle for real socialism [which has never existed, see:, or call (773) 294-6780 and leave a message], a classless society world-wide! "The emancipation of the working class is the act of the working class itself"!

It is the super-rich U.S. capitalist/imperialist ruling class [and all capitalist and imperialist ruling classes internationally] and their outmoded capitalist system of exploitation, war, unemployment/poverty, economic depression, environmental devastation, racism, sexism, etc. that is the chief enemy of us U.S. workers and all workers world-wide! Workers of the world, unite!--overthrow capitalism & achieve real socialism, a classless society globally! CHIREVNET, Oct. 8, 2002.


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