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noborder action days: spotlight on the IOM!

noborder | 10.10.2002 16:21

This year, the annual action days of the european noborder network are focussing on the International Organisation of Migration (IOM). 70 activists visited their Berlin office and declared it as closed. The IOM recently opened an office in London, more info @

The action days have started!

Office-closure-event at the IOM-Office Berlin

(10/10/02, Berlin) To start off the International noborder-Action-Day
approximately 70 people visited the office of the IOM (International
Organisation of Migration) Berlin, Inselstr. 12 today. While snacks were
served and music was played the visitors declared the office as closed.
Several people climbed on the IOM's balcony to enroll banners (see picture)
and to offer the IOM help to move out. At the same time a delegation
negotiated with the IOM's twelve staff people inside.

The demand to close the office was reasoned with the IOM's role in
establishing international migration policies and advocating global
migration management at the cost of people's lifes. Despite the delegation's
generous offer to help packing computers, paperwork and files, the surprised
IOM staff was not willing to move. Instead they called the police who
arrived late and confused but in large numbers.

In the meantime Mr. Profazi, Office Coordinator of the Berlin Office had
agreed to talk to the delegation. He was confronted with the IOM's
participation in equipping borders with technology as well as their support
of deportations and detention camps. Profazi tried to justify the IOM's
activities with the basic principle of wanting to "regulate" migration. He
refused to know about concrete projects of the IOM like in the Ucraine that
are clearly gear to destroy the possibilities of immigrants to cross borders
and to enter the country legally.

The visitors assured the Office Coordinator that this action was just a
start of a broader campaign against the IOM and that several other offices
should expect visitors in the following days.

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