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Calling All Greeks!

Ecologists of Chios | 10.10.2002 14:49

DI@SPOR@, a proposal for setting up a network of those Greeks and Cypriots, based overseas, who are interested and involved in political and social activism and empowerment, with a view to building a global platform and networking of ideas amongst ourselves, and also between those groups that we are active in.

It is hoped specifically that this network will seek to empower Greeks overseas to play a bigger role during organisation against the EU summit in Thessaloniki in June ’03, and the Olympics in Athens in June ’04. But this is just what I would like to see done!

Some initial steps that can be taken easily, if people are interested; a single webpage listing contact details only, this can be built into a website with info on networkings- news- gatherings etc as desired amongst ourselves, creation of a (possibly bilingual?) discussion group for use amongst ourselves, and further steps to be taken as desired.
This will be happening at the mid/end of October

It is anticipated that the working language will be English, initially at least, for the benefit of those who are not fluent/conversant in Greek. However every facility should be taken to encourage and facilitate translation into Greek.

For those who can be/live in London, a preliminary meeting is being arranged sometime during, or the night of, the Anarchist Bookfair, 19 October. This will be a completely separate event to the bookfair, hence can ‘safely be attended by non anarchists’. Basically we will try to incorporate an element of socializing into discussions, on linking (and meeting!) fellow Greeks.

The author can be contacted email oikologia at

Ecologists of Chios


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  1. i dont want to spoil it but... — another greek
  2. not sure meeting place/time yet-email me — Ecologists of Chios