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Scotland says Don't Attack Iraq

ab | 25.10.2002 12:26 | Peace not War | Anti-militarism

About 15 000 people demonstrated in Glasgow on Sunday 20th October. The 'Scotland says Don't Attack Iraq' demo in Glasgow was the biggest demonstration seen in Scotland for a very long time. Many different groups and also individuals were present from all corners of Scotland - from Berwick upon Tweed, to Newcastle, Dundee, Aberdeen, Forth, some trainloads from Edinburgh and of course lots from Glasgow. Four marches from north, south, east and west merged in the city centre. Many people will take civil disobedience actions in the event of an attack on Iraq. Over the coming weeks the Pledge campaign will be used to try and mobilise for the Day of Action on the 31st with over 20 non-violent direct action workshops organised across Scotland.

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Bin Laden Bush Blair
Bin Laden Bush Blair



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