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Media Democracy Day

17.10.2002 09:50

18/10/02 - Actions update:
-Media Circus outside Daily Mail in London, report
-Guerrilla Screening at London's South Bank, report and photos
-MDD in Lancaster, report.
-MDD Radio Broadcast 5pm-6.45pm Resonance FM 104.4 Webstream here

International Media Democracy Day, October 18th, sees events occurring in over 25 cities across the world. Creative actions, protests, film screenings, discussions, lobbying, print publications, subvertising and spoofs are all playing their part in the beginnings of a new global movement around media issues.

Held for the first time last year in Canada and involving groups like Adbusters and FAIR, this year the day has gone global, supported by high profile groups like The Media Channel, alternative news networks like Indymedia, and smaller grass roots community media groups.

Focusing on the key themes of "Education, Promotion, Protest and Change" it provide an opportunity both to unite and publicise the work of independent, alternative and community media projects, and to protest against the failings of an exclusive corporate media system enslaved by advertising and profit.

In the UK events include a guerrilla film screening of the European NewsReal on Friday 18th October in London, as well as other events, screenings and discussions. Planning for 2003 is already underway with one eye on the UN World Summit on Information Society in Geneva, December 2003.

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