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Indymedia UK Wins New Media Award

14.10.2002 00:54 | Indymedia

Indymedia UK has won the Advocacy Award, as well as being commended in the Online Communities Award in the New Statesman magazine's annual New Media Awards.

The awards took place on October 1st at a fringe meeting at the Labour Party Conference, where the opportunity was used to highlight the increasing threats to free press and civil liberties and increasing political repression post September 11 (see IFJ Report)

Detailing some of the attacks on Indymedia from around the world over the last year indymedia volunteers accepting the award wondered whether the support shown for Indymedia by Stephen Timms (E-commerce Minister) who presented the award, and judges like Bill Edwards, the Director of the government's e-Communications office, could be counted on if Indymedia UK is attacked by the police or state in the future. The opportunity was also used to highlight Media Democracy Day on October 18th and next year's UN World Summit on Information Society in Geneva.

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