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RTS Parties in Dublin and London

26.09.2002 23:39 | Free Spaces | London

The weekend of the 21st September saw both Car Free Day , UN Ceasefire Day and the Countryside Alliance march in London. Meanwhile RTS events too place in both Dublin and London. In Dublin around 1,000 people gathered on St Stephens Green to party, according to one participant: " It's been a good turnout and the cops have been well behaved. RTS is a self organised space, everyone can play a part and not just consume. It's about empowerment and having a good time." The party was preceded by a Critical Mass cycle protest. Unlike last year's car free day which a saw a number of arrests or the Mayday RTS which saw a Garda (police) riot, this time the Gardai were peaceful. This was despite some over excitable media build up. Full story here , another report here . Pics at 1 2 3 4 : Video : Audio

In London the 'Reclaim The Future' event went ahead at a large squatted building which activists had cleaned, repaired and painted. Despite an early police presence people managed to get the sound systems into the building and over 20 workshops were held as well as a large exhibition, with entertainment provided by bands, theatre groups, poets and DJs.

rts dublin picture
rts dublin picture

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