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A year after S11- analysis of the legacy

15.09.2002 06:29 | Peace not War | Anti-militarism | Terror War

One year on, Osama Bin Laden has not been found and is not reported as being looked for - which was the reason for bombing Afganistan? Or was it to replace the Taliban with a friendlier regime that would allow the construction of a pipeline to carry the newly found oil in the Caspian region? Read some thoughts on the legitimacy of actions labelled as 'war on terrorism':

Implications of the 'war on terrorism' in privacy rights. Amnesty International concerns over Human Rights violations following the 9/11 attacks. Implications for the provocation to start a war. Noting the lack of investigation on the 9/11 attacks. Vilification of Islam. Other events to remember on 9/11 too. Read about an association of victims of September 11. Report of actions in New Zealand.

More links: Gas attacks by Iraq did not stop us during Iran-Iraq war. Human rights abuses since September 11. Robert Fisk Bush plans FBI arrests of dissidents in Pakistan. US paramilitary and rights removal in Colombia by President Uribe. Iran and Bahrain oppose US war plans against Iraq. Huge trade deal draws Iraq to Russia deal worth £60bn.