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First Leonid Brezhnev -peace prizes awarded

The independent left | 06.08.2002 08:41

President George W. Bush and prime minister Tony Blair are awarded with the first Leonid Brezhnev peace prizes.

The Independent left and Kulttuurivihkot-magazine have awarded the 2002 Leonid Brezhnev peace prize to president of USA, George W. Bush, and to prime minister of Great Britain, Tony Blair. The prize is granted to individual or individuals who most skilfully combine the appearance and humane rhetoric of a peacemaker to militant oligarchy.

The accomplishments of of Bush and Blair in this field are undeniable; both master Orwellian ducktalk. Bush proclaims to fight the terrorism and therefore is prepared to attack any state even with nuclear weapons. He impersonates to be an arbitrator in the Middle-East crisis, although he supports the Israeli occupation of the palestinian areas with massive arms support. Tony Blair, on the other hand, supports Bush and manages to appear even more humane. Currently, to our knowledge, both are preparing "humanitarian" and "anti-terrorism" attack to Iraq, whose citizens they have so far remembered with air strikes and embargo.

The prize is named after former Soviet Union leader Leonid Brezhnev, who waged his "war on imperialism" with similar means of conquest as Bush and Blair are waging their "war on terrorism". What comes to peacemakers, Bush and Blair are of the same calibre as was Brezhnev, who liberated Czechoslovakia and Afganistan in his time.

Prize men have been notified. The prize can be claimed at any time suitable from the office of the Independent Left. The prize is George Orwell´s novel "The year 1984", which contains many points of contact with other perioids that the one of Soviet Union in the time of Stalin. In the society of the novel, one of the main slogans is "War is peace!". It is also the main principle of the foreign policy of Bush and Blair.

The Independent left is a political student organization within the University of Helsinki, whose support almong the students has grown steadily. Kulttuurivihkot is a left-wing periodical, published by Domirola Inc. This year is the 30th anniversary of Kulttuurivihkot. Both are located in Finland.

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Johan Alén

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