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Social Centre News Update

30.08.2002 20:14 | London

Stop Press 30th Aug: St. John's nursery in Hackney, London has been occupied by parents in protest at its closure by Hackney Council. This follows similar previous actions ( 1 : 2 ) and an ongoing camapaign in the borough, where Socialist Alliance candidate Paul Foot is to stand for Mayor in October. Elsewhere in Hackney the Random Artist Collective has opened a squatted community art space at 282 Richmond Road and are running practical DIY workshops alongside exhibits and a newly installed Riot Squad Records shop.

A recently opened squatted Social Centre in Colchester has been ordered closed after court action by PFI partners Capita Insurance Services. The 50 room building had been left empty by the Capita Group for years, but the new occupants had more community minded plans including cafe nights, internet access and childrens events. See reports 1 : 2 : 3

A new resource centre (La.R.C) has openeed in Lancaster. Not to be mistaken for 'LARC' (the London Action Resource Centre in Whitechapel) the Lancaster Re-Source Centre in Penny St has a literature section and internet access and is open on Wednesdays from midday to 7pm.

Meanwhile the Carnivalistas are founding the Lambeth Community Action Network in south london, while raising funds to buy a space for a new social centre. The Carnivalisas and are part of the growing London Social Centres Network which includes Emmaz and the Radical Dairy (020 7249 6996 for summer events).

radical dairy social centre picture
radical dairy social centre picture

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