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GMO Catch 22

gmowatch | 31.07.2002 19:30 | Bio-technology

How the Biotech corporations, the World Bank, charities and governmental organisations contrive to continue the suffering of the starving and destitute of the poorest nations, and would have us believe we're offering aid

The Disasters Emergency Committee: Southern Africa Crisis Appeal, released a televised broadcast to beg for charitable donations to prevent fourteen million people starving to death by March 2003. In Angola they claim one million are starving after decades of civil war, they neglected to mention that the crops have not failed, but been deliberately burned by CIA backed Government soldiers to root out the CIA backed Unita rebels, killing the population too. Then they parade the emaciated child victims on TV to make them look pathetic and totally dependant on Neo-Western Imperialists.

Tragically, Angola has more than enough resources to keep its population from starving, yet it is estimated that two hundred Angolans die each day because there is not enough water, food and medicine to help everyone in need. It is the second largest oil producer in sub-Saharan Africa and it has diamonds, natural gas, gold and other minerals, but the government controls the oil and Unita controls the diamonds, which they sell for arms. Angola also has rich agricultural lands, but because of the war no-one can harvest them.

In Malawi, the warm heart of Africa, where 90% live in rural areas dependant on agriculture, ‘changing weather patterns’ have caused crop failures and seven million people face starvation. Children are eating wild leaves and nobody knows how many have already succumbed to hunger. This country needs $twenty-six million to avert a catastrophe and the ‘Bread Basket’ of the south, Zimbabwe, with it’s economy in free-fall and rampant inflation is also in dire straights, which has worsened Malawi’s plight. This has been compounded by the IMF advising Malawi to sell off its grain surplus from last years bumper harvest which would normally have got them through such a crisis.

The DEC – Southern Africa appeal has only raised three million pounds so far, the National Lottery generates at least ten times that amount of money each week.

A sympathetic Irish accent intones, “with hunger comes disease, one in five have AIDS.” - But AIDS is not a disease borne of hunger, but by doctor-engineered biological warfare administered through smallpox vaccines. A ‘mere’ fourteen pounds would buy HIV kits, they plead, but omit that the bogus medication which people demand, exacerbates the condition. Twenty-five pounds would feed two families for a month (it used to be two pounds) and fifty pounds, no small sum, will make three farmers self-sufficient. The amount which our government spends on war every month would feed the whole World for evermore, but if we don’t contribute hard cash, we will be made to feel personally responsible for this genocidal programme in Africa.

“Now is not the time for recriminations,” they implore, “we need seeds and tools,” so what exactly has Oxfam, Unicef and Save the Children been doing with our charity all these years? Not a lot it seems and what use are seeds, if rain is being diverted?

In Mozambique artificial floods and drought in succession have spelled disaster, just when this country was on the brink of recovery. Rains have been falling at the wrong time and washing away crops. Captain Howard T. Orville who served as the White House's chief advisor on weather modification, publicly admitted that the military was studying "ways to manipulate the charges of the earth and sky and so affect the weather and climate through electronic beams to ionise and de-ionise the atmosphere."

Perfected weather modification technology induces or suppresses precipitation and clouds over a region, enabling the military to withhold rain, cause floods or drought, create storms, withhold sunshine, damage crops and bring any country to its knees without firing a shot, it’s cheaper than bullets. Polymer fibres in the chemtrails are dispersed into the cloud and the wind agitates the mixture causing the polymer to absorb the rain. This reaction forms a gelatinous substance which precipitate to the surface below, diminishing the cloud's ability to rain, and the jet-stream can be dammed, creating huge reservoirs of water, which are dumped at will.

Professor Gordon J.F. MacDonald, serving on the President's Science Advisory Committee in 1966 commented; "The key to geophysical warfare is the identification of environmental instabilities to which the addition of a small amount of energy would release vastly greater amounts of energy." That means earthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, melting glaciers and tidal waves can also be used as a weapon.

The World Bank is perpetrating the worst genocide in known history before our eyes, while simultaneously trying to siphon money from suckers for food aid, which will never be enough or reach on time and be genetically modified besides. To protest against GM crops now, which could allegedly “save” Africa, (not) would be seen to be inhumane. A former Monsanto Director claims: "Americans have always embraced new types of technology, to be Anti-Science, is to be Anti-American" - (is a hate-crime!) Africans, they insist, don’t care if maize is modified, they just want fed!

How very crafty, how incredibly evil...

When GM crop trials were first announced I wrote to the Department of Agriculture to express my opposition, particularly to the "terminator seed" a hybrid which is sterile, so new seeds would need to be purchased every year from Monsanto and Aventis, to maximise profits at the expense of the poorest communities on Earth, totally dependant on agriculture to survive. (It was allegedly withdrawn, I doubt it.) Most of the seed stocks have been hybridised by the conglomerates, ADM and others. The greedy corporations have done this so Third World countries need to get into debt borrowing money from the IMF and World Bank in order to buy more seeds annually.

I pointed out to Michael Meacher MP in my letter that unscrupulous scientists could modify crops for any purpose (infertility or disease) unknown to the consumer. I added, what would a man like Hitler have done with GMO's? However, at that time I didn't realise this technology is in the hands of men worse than Hitler. I knew that the orchestrated calamities in developing countries would be used to justify the modification of crops, but even I could not have predicted that they would actually starve whole continents, to force it down their throats.
USAID's Roger Winter has stated that if Africa does not accept GM food aid to "fill the pipeline", they will die en masse and "famine and food-related deaths are not pretty." What a choice? What a devious and dastardly tactic! African's don't want GMO's (Americans and Europeans don't want them either) or the unnatural ecological cross-contamination it brings, they have learned from bitter experience that the United Nations has never had their best interests at heart, every “solution” breeds new problems, so the emergency grain warehouses are empty and so are fourteen million aching bellies.

It's a classic catch 22.