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The illusion creating local newspaper the Liverpool Echo finally capitulates!

Mike Lane | 31.07.2002 18:35 | Liverpool

Come to Liverpool and see the state of our streets, especially the Liverpool City Centre. The stench of city centre sewers will make you want to vomit. Yet our incompetent councillors and council officers will have you believe that everything is wonderful. They have even put in a bid for European City of Culture. What a joke.

After many complaints from long suffering Liverpool citizens about the state of our city centre and outlying areas the illusion creating parochial Liverpool Echo, owned by Trinity Publication of course, only capitulates and tells the truth (even though it is sanitised) after an outside body exposes how our incompetent useless council can not even manage to keep our roads clean. And to think, these same idiots expect us to get the European Capital of Culture, it beggars belief. Take a look at the Echo article on their own web site, page:

Mike Lane
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