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NoBorder - "Illegal" Solidarity Demonstration

Manos | 25.07.2002 20:58

Around 100 NoBorder Camp activists defied the ban on assemblies and marched to the police station in solidarity with the prisoners of the 25th.

NoBorder Camp - 25/07/2002
Solidarity demonstration in front of the "Hotel de Police"

Despite the ban on all NoBorder assemplies of more than 5 people, 100 demonstrators marched on the afternoon of the 25th July from the NoBorder Camp to the central police station in Solidarity with the people arrested during the demonstrations of the 24th. There has been no police presense until the demonstration joined the station, which was guarded by riot police. Police in civilian was also positioned behind the demonstrators gathered in front of the station. After some negotiations the demonstration was allowed to stay for 20 minutes, after which it returned to camp.

No arrests or wounded were reported as a result of the demonstration. The only use made of the medic was a stomach pain. Unfortunatelly the medic also fell off a bike and lightly hurt their shoulder while entering the camp.

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