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Latest from Strasbourg, Wednesday 24

IMC-UK Travelling Circus | 24.07.2002 17:50

After two days of peaceful and festive demonstrations,actions, street theatre and performances in Strasbourg, today police have attacked a demonstration agains a migrant`s dtention centre in Strasbourg city centre.

Confirmed reports of heavy clashes with police are arriving at the NoBorder Camp radio stream.

Around 700 demontrators that were taking part in a demo against a detention centre have been attacked by riot police that used tear gas, CS spray,heavy batton charges and snatch arrests.

Confirmed reports of about 10 people having been arrested and many others injured.
At the present time most of the people taking part in the demo are trying to get back to the camp but they are consistently attacked by riot police. Another smaller group is currently trapped in central Strasbourg and have been tear gassed several times. People in the camp are currently gathering and moving towards Strasbourg city centre to help and show solidarity to those still trapped in the city.

The athmosphere in the camps is increasingly getting more and more tense as people fears police eventually attacking the camp.

As we write people are arriving with tales of police brutality and calls are continuasly been made in the camp for people to help them with water and first aid.

More later...

IMC-UK Travelling Circus


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