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Update from Genoa - Reclaim Your Life!

IMC'ista | 19.07.2002 11:36 | Genoa

Update from Genoa:

In Italy the newspapers are full of articles about Genoa.

Genoa itself is expecting around 30-40,000 people to take part in demonstrations this weekend. Two main events are planned for Saturday, A memorial commemoration for Carlo Giuliani and another march, under the banner of 'Reclaim Your Life!".

Campaigners have appealed for calm and a peaceful day, as has Carlo's mother, but with the streets again full of police there is tension in the air.

A huge art and photo exhibition is attracting large numbers of people, with over 600 photographs from the protests on display illustrating the events last year.

MPs in Rome are calling for another commission of enquiry, which follows the call by Amnesty for a new commission, after efforts to agree a previously proposed one failed due to disagreements between the left and the right parties.

A press conference by many people beaten and arrested at the Diaz School raid was attended by around 500 people and called for deputy prime minister Gianfranco Fini, and leader of the fascist National Alliance party, to be held accountable for the brutal raid. Further press conferences are also set to go ahead.

Protests and events are planned in cities across the world and it is expected that a good deal of the European corporate press will cover the anniversary and the current state of the enquiries into the actions of the fascist riddled Carabinieri police force.

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