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Grattan Puxon | 07.07.2002 10:31

The UK Government has just issued a
tough "anti-Gypsy" statement, saying that police will get increased powers to
evict "Travellers" from unauthorized camping places. Some say the will
resist this "ethnic-cleansing" policy.


Shortly after John Prescott's refusal to allow Romanies to stay on the >WoodsideWoodsideWoodside on or after l Nov.
But they may have difficulties finding a contractor to do their dirty-work, and
insurance could be a mjaor problem.
Please contact us if you would like to have your number (or email address) on the Red Alert Cascade.
A Tent City is being created to
accommodate supporters coming to
>Woodside< the night before. The
campfires will be burning ...
Meanwhile, protests over the
planned eviction (for which the council has voted £250,000 ) can be sent to:

Other Travellers, in a similar situation, at Nuneaton and Epping, are
also making a stand.
They believe that pressure at this
time will help the Traveller Law Reform Bill, due to be introduced in
Parliament on 10 July.


Grattan Puxon
- e-mail:


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