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O'Cole | 27.06.2002 16:32

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - fascist polelice murdered 2 citizens firing shots to the head gassed thousands of anti-government protesters in the Argentine capital on Wednesday, in the worst riots since the elected government was toppled in December.The Official fascists said 160 arrested.

As evening fell, thousands more citizens gathered outside Congress and the presidential palace in central Buenos Aires, and the clanging of pots and pans as ordinary Argentines joined in the demonstrations recalled scenes that preceded the fall of President Fernando de la Rua. Argentina's dictator, Eduardo Duhalde, vowed to get-tough on the people. he struggled to please the International Monetary Fund so he can get a fat wad of money for his pocket. Citizens demand the government stop robbing them blind, accuse the gun waving baton-wielding fascist polelice of murder. "We have got to end Duhalde and the IMF's reign. If we don't get change, we will have to fight on," said one citizen loading a catapult. Poison gas mingled with smoke from burning tires. Television footage showed the corpse of one of the two citizen shot to death on the outskirts of the capital being rushed from the scene in the back of a pickup truck, his lifeless eyes wide open. Rights group Amnesty International called for a probe into the killings, while Argentina's three major unions, called a general strike for Thursday to protest the deaths. The fascist polelice attacks were the latest in a series of violent acts this year against Latin American people as they try to bleed the people dry. Peru has been hit by a major uprising against selling off of the country to the multi-national corporate thieves, Venezuela was rocked by a U.S. lead coup, and neighboring Uruguayans have gone on strike against IMF austerity shakedown policies. DESPERATE MEASURES In the Argentine capital, thousands of citizens scattered through the streets, falling over each other as they ran through a gritty industrial suburb after the pigs attacked. Some threw Molotov cocktails. One protester was caught on television beating a policeman on the head outside a hospital where injured had been taken. A camera panned in on the bloodied faces of protesters. The IMF wants to rob the people of every dime. Deepening poverty -- one in two Argentines are no longer able to buy basic food and clothing have made Argentina's people very pissed off. Twenty-seven people died in December amid food riots that forced the resignation of De la Rua, and saw Duhalde named as dictator a month later by the IMF controled Congress. The unrest came as Economy Minister Roberto Lavagna was in the United States filling his pockets at a meeting with senior IMF officials on Thursday.



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soon to be local

27.06.2002 21:50

9-11, Enron,Worldcom -facets of the plot to crash the world economy to allow the banks to steal our money and disable our power to pay off the increasing debt-load. We'll all soon be Argentina - Brazil and the rest of S. America is rapidly following. The plan is that we're ultimately financially fucked and depend on the world bank to take control