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Earth First! Summer Gathering 2002

act up | 25.06.2002 18:42

This years Earth First! Summer Gathering 2002 will be held somewhere in the West Country 10th - 14th July.

This years Earth First! Summer Gathering 2002 will be held somewhere in the West Country 10th - 14th July.

Since 1992, the Earth First!* Summer Gathering has been a space for everyone involved or interested in ecological direct action, from around Britain and abroad, to come together, learn new skills and discuss ideas and plans for action. This year's gathering is being held on a beautiful site in the Westcountry. We are a diverse community with a wide range of approaches to our action and so there should be plenty to interest and inspire you whether you have been active for years or are completely new to it all.

(* Earth First! is not a cohesive group or campaign, but a convenient banner for people who share similar philosophies to work under. The general principles behind the name are non-hierarchical organisation and the use of direct action to confront, stop and eventually reverse the forces that are responsible for the destruction of Earth and its inhabitants.)


Over 100 workshops, focussed on sharing skills and ideas, planning campaigns and networking for all aspects of ecological resistance.
National and international campaigns round-ups - find out what groups around the country and further afield are up to.
Other, more relaxed and fun activities, such as rock-climbing, nature walks and games
A range of evening entertainments to suit all tastes! (Although sorry no sound systems etc.)

On the site there will be a reception, a reading library of anarchist and radical ecological books, a quiet sleeping area, compost toilets, spaces for spontaneous workshops and discussions, women's & men's spaces and camping areas, and a stall selling books and pamphlets.
Commercial stalls are not welcome but remember to bring any information that you have about your group campaign or forthcoming action - as well as some copies of any publications that you produce.

People will be arriving on Tuesday 9th of July to help with the last bit of setting up. Workshops will take place from Wednesday 10th of July to Sunday 14th but please stay until Monday to help pack up.

Help is very much needed setting up and packing away before and after the gathering.

COST: At the gate we will be asking for £10 from every person to cover the costs of organising the gathering. Any donations to help put this gathering on would be very useful. Make cheques and postal orders payable to 'Earth First! Gathering'.

VEHICLES: This years site (for better or worse) while being very beautiful, is situated on a flood plain.
We have been requested to ensure that only vehicles that are absolutely necessary (eg. alt tech) are parked on the site.
Unless you have already arranged with the collective to bring large pieces of equipment, please do not come in a private vehicle. If you have no other choice, book your vehicle with us in advance. We are limited to 25 spaces for cars (less if we have to accommodate larger vehicles.) If you arrive without making advance arrangement for your vehicle we will ask you to park for the duration of the gathering in a public car park and be collected in the gathering minibus. The site was chosen partly for its good public transport links, we will post comprehensive details of how to access the site by public transport on the 'directions page' a week or so before the gathering.

ACCOMMODATION: The accommodation is camping space only so come equipped. Women only & men only camping spaces will be provided. We aim to make the site as fully accessible to all as we can. If you have any special needs, contact us (address below).
We are also compiling a list of local B&Bs - please contact us if you want to book a place near the site.

DOGS: Due to concerns about dogs and nearby livestock, we are limiting the amount of dogs allowed on site to 20. If it is not possible to leave your dog at home, with friends or relatives, or in kennels, then you will need to book your dog in advance of your arrival. If you bring your dog to the gathering it will have to be kept on a lead at all times. There will be a separated area for a 'dog toilet', but you will still need to clean up after your dog, so bring a small trowel and plastic bags. Any dogs that turn up that haven't made arrangements with the collective will be turned away. Please email us to make arrangements for your dog.

FOOD: The Anarchist Teapot Action Kitchen will be cooking Vegan food for us. You can buy their meal tickets (£3.50 per day) or you can cook your own. Veggies will be running a provisions stall selling a few basic supplies. (contact them if you want to request they stock any particular snacks or toiletries).

CAMERAS: This is an activist gathering not a press event, so if you are coming as a journalist then you are not welcome. Also please respect the wishes of some people not to be photographed and leave your camera at home.

Site crew…
…is everyone who comes along. In order for us to have the gathering, vegetables need to be chopped, young people need to be entertained, washing up needs to be done, the gate tent needs to be occupied, compost loos need to get built. Sometimes this is the best way to meet new people, have great conversations, and learn how to do new things!

Come prepared to volunteer - you don't need any qualifications, you will be able to sign up for a few work shifts where you'll learn whatever you need to know. Let us know in advance if you have any particular interests or skills, and particularly if you'd like to come to our work week that we're having to sort out the site before the gathering - email us for details.

There are many different ways to volunteer to help out with the Gathering:

As part of the organising collective, we would LOVE more help!
By comimg along to the work week that we're planning to help sort out the site beforehand
Arriving on site a few days early to help set up
Staying on a few days after the gathering to help clear away

Volunteering during the gathering with practical tasks or with facilitating workshops

Contact us if you want to get involved

The success of the gathering depends on people coming forward with ideas for, or offers of, workshops.

We also need people to facilitate workshops and discussions, training will be available

Please contact us with ideas and offers


Earth First! Summer Gathering
Box 51, 82 Colston St,
Bristol BS1 5BB

Tel: 07810 117047


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