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Ongoing virtual sit-in against HLS

geke | 16.06.2002 21:12 | Animal Liberation

Electronic Civil Disobedience [ECD] is a legitimate form of non-violent, direct action utilized in order to bring pressure on institutions engaged in unethical or criminal actions. Tomorrow, Friday, June 14th, at 6:00pm Pacific time, such an action will take place against Huntingdon Life Sciences. VISIT for details. PARTICIPATE.

Electronic Civil Disobedience Protest Online - 14th June 2002 NEWS:
HLS Recently Tried To Get Shut Down

Kick Off is at: 6:00pm


Starting on Friday 14th June there will be an act of online civil disobedience as part of the campaign to close down Huntingdon Life Sciences. A virtual sit-in will take place against one or more of the companies that are currently keeping HLS open and are therefore responsible for 500 deaths every day. Activists from all over the world can join together to protest on the Internet against this cruelty.

What is a virtual sit-in?

A virtual sit-in is a modern day act of civil disobedience. The basic idea is that a large number of people run an automated tool that repeatedly downloads the website of a company who they wish to protest against. If enough people take part this will disrupt the company's online presence in the same way that a large crowd of demonstrators would disrupt their physical presence.

What/who is Huntingdon Life Sciences?

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) are a UK based animal experimentation company who have been exposed for animal cruelty and other criminal offences on five separate occasions. In 1997, Channel Four filmed workers repeatedly punching a four month old puppy in the face. HLS continue to torture and kill animals for profit at the rate of 500 per day.

How do I take part in the virtual sit-in?

On Friday the 14th of June a URL (an internet address) will be announced for a web page on another server where people can take part in the sit-in. No computer skills will be required to take part. You will have a choice of several tools to run, all of which will be very simple to use. Detailed instructions will be available for each tool. Many thanks to the electrohippie collective who are programming and hosting the sit-in tools. More information will be posted on this page over the next few weeks.

What can I do now?

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16.06.2002 22:20

Indymedia is censored.

Certain stories are removed if the posting is not "suitable" (to whom?) and replaced with 'NO STORY TO TELL YET.'


it is a technical glitch, not a conspiracy...

17.06.2002 15:19

the "no story to tell yet" is a bug with our database dying. that happens and someone needs to kick it to life again... please mail to the tech list on if you come across a "no story to tell yet" error.

and btw there IS a policy to hide postings from the wire:
the only criteria for removal from the wire are these, snip from the editorial guidelines on :
-Repeated posting

all of the above reasons except repeated posting are obviously always debatable... and the collective maintaining this wire has until now always tried to err on the side of not-removing.

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