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Massive Afghan gas deal signed - surprise, surprise!

Ron F | 01.06.2002 10:23

In a deal largely ignored by Western corporate media Afghanistan's US puppet Hamid Karzai has signed a $2billion deal with Pakistan and Turkmenistan to construct a gas pipeline, reviving a plan ditched by Unocal in 1998.

Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan signed a $2-billion agreement Thursday to construct a 1,500 km gas pipeline from Turkmenistan's Daulatabad gas field to Pakistan's Gwadar port through Afghanistan, an official at Pakistan's Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources said Friday. "The agreement was signed by President Musharraf, chairman of Afghanistan's interim administration Hamid Karzai, and Turkmenistan President Supermurat Niyazov at a ceremony in Islamabad," he said. "We think the proposed pipeline route is the shortest gas export route for Central Asian gas to reach the Far East and the West," he added. The pipeline would move an estimated 1,060-bil cu ft/year of gas. Pakistan also plans to build an LNG plant at Gwadar in southwestern Balochistan to further export the gas.

Ron F


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