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India, Pakistan, Nagasaki Nightmare!

Mark Vallen - ART FOR A CHANGE | 01.06.2002 05:36

An exhibition of Artworks created by survivors of the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, send a warning to the people of India and Pakistan.

India, Pakistan, Nagasaki Nightmare!
India, Pakistan, Nagasaki Nightmare!

My "ART FOR A CHANGE" Website houses an amazing collection of Paintings and Drawings by Japanese survivors of the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Titled "NAGASAKI NIGHTMARE", the exhibit consists of 12 full color works of Art created by different individuals who witnessed first hand the terror of Atomic fire. The gripping images by the survivors are a warning to the world... a warning that India
and Pakistan are apparently not hearing. Everyone should view these images... and share them with others.

The Painting on this page is possibly the most heart rending Artwork I've ever seen. Yamashita Masato created his nightmarish Artwork based upon what he witnessed on August 9th in Hiroshima. In his own words he stated: "With no one to help her, a Girl died leaning on the bank of the Enko River." The thought of this poor Girl... her eyes burned out and her body lacerated and scorched... trembling alone in pain and fear, is simply unbearable. More than any other picture I know of, this Artwork sums up the utter horror and futility of War. India and Pakistan are on the brink of destroying each other with Atomic fire... STOP THEM!

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