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Washington DC Confirmed as Bilderberg Venue

Tony Gosling | 31.05.2002 17:56

Iraq is definately on the agenda according to leaks from staff at this years Bilderberg meeting. Until yesterday the Marriott in Chantilly near Washington DC were saying it was 'a couple of weddings' but Kissinger, Rockefeller, Lord Robertson and many other Western bower-brokers are in attendance.

31May02 - Chantilly Virginia Confirmed as 2002 Bilderberg
Tony Gosling

No it wasn't 'a couple of weddings' as we were told yesterday by the staff. The Westfields Marriott hotel in Chantilly Virginia was today confirmed as the venue for this year's secret Bilderberg meeting.
Security is very tight with FBI Secret Service and White House Security Staff, all paid from taxpayers money, on duty around the perimiter of this so-called 'private' meeting. This year, for the first time, all security have coded symbols on their lapels to distinguish who they work for.
Hotel staff are always sworn to secrecy at these events but some still feel the world has a right to know what is going on behind the cordon. They risk their jobs, and possibly more, by telling those outside who is inside the hotel and what they're talking about.
Staff have told reporters at the gate that the much talked about attack on Iraq must go ahead but will probably be delayed until Autumn 2003. To try to persuade other western leaders to join in an attack on Iraq Donald Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of State for defence will be attending the Bilderberg conference tomorrow (Saturday). He will almost certainly be giving a presentation to the 120 or so European and North American power-brokers in attendance. Rumsfeld's deputy Secretary of Defence Kenneth Dam has already been spotted in the hotel, he's attending all four days of the conference.
It seems to have escaped both these so-called public servants that if the U.S. government agreed to lift Iraqi sanctions which are killing roughly six thousand children a month in the country, Iraq could return to relative normality and war would be unnecessary. But Rumsfeld and Dam are in fact lobbyists for the defence industry and lobbyists for U.S. expansionism. They consider the growth of the U.S. defense industry, or 'military industrial complex' as president Eisenhower described it, to be more important than tens of thousands or even millions of human lives.
Global banker and head of the Rockefeller dynasty David Rockefeller has been spotted by Westfields Marriott staff as have Henry Kissinger and several others. Secretary-General of NATO, Lord Robertson, is aslo known to be in attendance this year.
When I contacted the hotel earlier today (Friday) the Bilderberg organisers refused to confirm or deny anyone's presence - they said they would be producing a press release but declined to say when.
Hotel telephone  +1 703 818 0300  just ask to be put through to 'the conference'

Tony Gosling
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