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One World Cup

Ref | 21.05.2002 11:50

The beautiful game has turned very ugly and become a distraction from what's really going on..

The sinister (microchipped?) cyborgs which now pass for regular police, with ninja-type outfits, black ski-masks, visors and machine guns, descending from black helicopters, are being deployed in the Far East for crowd control at the World Cup. If a stadium has to be turned into a high-tech military fortress, (with antenna) to contain fans watching a game, the State is way out of control. It is total tyranny, coralling and surveying the masses like they are all criminals and terrorists, until they can prove they’re not.

The troublemakers are probably induced to riot with mind-control microwaves through their mobile phones anyway, (and these antenna) or at least agent provocateurs. Millwall fans found guilty of "riot" are facing ten years in jail, that may soon apply to 'anti-globalisation' protesters too.

People are being brainwashed with World Cup fervour, while the Globalist use it as a pretext to deflect attention from their military operations, coin money, seize passports, ban individuals and acclimatize us to a clamp down on civil liberties in general, across the World.