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MrT | 16.05.2002 14:06 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Health | Technology

Four people arrested under Section 68 - aggrivated tresspass.
All taken to weymouth police station.
Other people looked on to another tractor not arrested because it was still on somebody elses field.

Four arrested (so far) at GM field in Dorset.

liz, rich, olaf, will (may not be real names ;-)

all under Sec 68 - agrivated tresspass (as far as we can tell)

all taken to Weymouth Police station (your support there welcomed)

messages of support - calls to media - help on the field etc.
still very much appreciated

Pink Castle not yet evicted - no indication that a legal eviction will take place
but we are not counting on there not being a dodgy one.

Over half the GM field now planted. (non GM usually goes in first)
Second half (the GM?) almost complete now.

Support still welcome!

07773 640159

-- background info
* occupation of gm field since 26th april in pink castle
* field proposed for governments farmscale evaluations of gm maize variety Chardon LL/T25 owned by Aventis/Bayer
* farmer involved charles foot
* land owner business man mick jones
* location, near littlemoor, weymouth
* multiple tractors and 30 police moved May 16th at 11am approx

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