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Pink castle occupation continues

William Posters | 05.05.2002 19:45 | Ecology | Free Spaces | Health | Technology

11 days into the occupation of a proposed GM field in Dorset and the pink castle is still going strong. Photos and video available.

Since the early hours of April 25th, protesters have been resident within a pink castle in a proposed GM test site in Dorset. The occupation has been going for eleven days now and attracted lots of interest and support.

The pink fortification stands guard over the entrance of the field in which the mutant remains of last years GM maize crop can still be found. The residents hope to stay in the field long enough to prevent Aventis' controversial GM maize from being planted this year.

The protesters intend to defend the field and the castle. There are lock-on's built into structural parts of the two towers and mono-poles have been erected in key positions around the field.

The site boasts 12 volt fairy lights, pirate radio, remote shit pit, a veggie garden, a communal round tent, a communal long tent, a luxury kitchen complete with oven and stainless steel sink.

Visitors are welcome.
Phone 07733 133280 or check out the website for directions

Other indymedia links (photos/videos etc)

Castle website

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Are you chicken?

05.05.2002 20:10

If you're feeling game, join us on another bird brained action. Flock to the Somerfield carpark at Littlemoor near Upwey Station at 5pm on Tuesday 7th. Bring chicken costumes and join us for a finger licking GM die-in to highlight for folly of growing GM crops. We've got white disposable suits and cardboard beaks so you just need to bring orange tights and rubber gloves if you happen to have such items in you wardrobe.

If you need more details... then come and visit us at the castle of give us a call on 07733 133280



05.05.2002 21:37


Cartoon from website - anti-copyright


why through portland indymedia

07.05.2002 04:16

Why was this story linked on the international website through portland indymedia?

Last time I checked, there is an entire ocean and almost a whole continent between england and portland?

Whats up with the international sites editing that was supposed to highlight the local IMCs?


Chicken Action report from The Pink Castle

08.05.2002 16:36

Chicken Action report from The Pink Castle
Chicken Action report from The Pink Castle

Photos and report on the chicken action carried out on the 7th May is now available (Artile_ID=30720). Follow this link....

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bbc photo

20.05.2002 10:12

bbc photo
bbc photo


a bbc employee