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may election clashes

Jon Clark | 03.05.2002 00:18

Members of the BNP recieved, harsh lesson as they attended the count in New-cross

Thursday 2nd May. May elections
with ballot stations closed in the east, boxes with-in the ward of new cross were removed and taken to Goldsmiths university. Over 300 hundred protesters had converged at this site eagerly anticipating the arrival of the BNP, who were turning out for the count. As tensions rose within the campus ground BNP members could be heard chanting as they approached the university, a large group of protesters left the campus for the high street and the direction of the BNP, after confronting them in the high street, police units broke out and the BNP took shelter within their presence. Half-an-hour latter, again under police protection the BNP were escorted into the university grounds, as they did so scuffles broke out; in the fracas several members of the BNP split form the group, as they did so, unsure who was around, one lashed out, taking a copper with him; were he was then carted off. No members of the ANL or any other group, including the students of university union were arrested, although several received unwanted attention in the clashes with the police.

Jon Clark
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