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London SWP-TUC Alliance

vngelis | 02.05.2002 22:53

How the SWP support New Labour

In London the SWP led a protest through central London with the purpose of diffusing anti-capitalist protest.
Failing to claim the sole 'anti-globalisation' label the SWP through its misnamed Globalise Resistance front held a joint demo with the bureaucrats of the TUC (Trade Union Congress). Holding a rally in Trafalgar Square where Labour politicians reeled off the 101 reasons why to remain a member of Blairs party they attempted to defuse the anti-globalisation movement by giving prominence to union bureacrats who remember the working class during elections or rallies. The 'left' fact of new Labourism reared its ugly head again showing to the world how peaceful life could be if only ...they were in charge of peaceful protests.

The reason the SWP can only ever call Labour Party politicians on paltforms is primarily because they are the last step of support to the Labour Party whilst almost everyone else including significant sections of the working poor have abandoned it. Of course the middle income layers of doctors, teachers, social workers will vote for a party that supports big business since the left doesn't appears as yet on the horizon. But the SWP role is to corral any independent movement back into the Labour Party and the TUC which prop them up.

IN Athens their supporters marched behind the pro-government rallies of PASOK whilst ignoring the much larger and more militant KKE demo. In fact their banners where prominantly displayed on state tv showing the government to be on the side of the left...

One cannot of course expect the SWP to break its connection with New Labour. After all it was only few months ago it was urging supporters to vote for Blair. The second time in five years. Propping up the sellouts of the TUC is small change in comparison...

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Is the SWP run by the state?

03.05.2002 08:24

The SWP is so fucking dodgy. Last year it was them that led people into the Oxford Circus trap and scuppered the whole day. This year they tried to set themselves up as the "legitimate" anti-capitalist protesters, allowing the media and police to try and dismiss everyone else outside their poxy parade as "hardcore elements bent on violence" etc etc. A perfect double act - except it didn't work coz the action was all on our side. Obviously there are some good, nornal people who happen to have found themselves in the SWP or GR (especially young ones that don't know any better) but the leadership must be under suspicion of being at least heavily infiltrated or even directly run by the secret state. I'm not joking. That's the way the British state has always handled radical opposition movements (and they did it with the anti-fuel tax lot as well, quite openly). Infiltrate, manipulate, divide, play one group against the other. That's why they're so frustrated at those anarchists and anti-capitalists who insist on autonomous and unstructured ways of resisting. They can't use their usual well-tried methods.

somebody else


03.05.2002 09:28

war in palestine....fascism growing....war in afghanistan...capitalism going crazy -

hey let's moan about the SWP!

get some perspective please!

john lennon

Fight this shite system, Not the SWP !

03.05.2002 18:47

John Lennon you're spot on !


Fight this shite system, Not the SWP !

03.05.2002 18:50

John Lennon you're spot on !


and why not?

03.05.2002 21:13

I always find it funny that while the SWP complain
about others criticism them while all these terrible
things are going on, they happily critique others in
the movement.

Obviously, it is okay for *them* to "moan" about others,
but not for the others to do likewise...

also, how are we meant to push the resistance to capitalism
forward unless we critically evaluate our own and others
politics? Are the SWP urging us to mindless activism?
Probably, as it means we don't have time to look at their
dodgy politics....

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Infighting ?

04.05.2002 08:47

Do you see continuous attacks on other sections of the left in the pages of Socialist Worker ? No of course not, it's got better things to do like attacking this rotten system than getting drawn into bitter little sectarian battles. No organisation should be beyond scrutiny but the SWP must be doing something right if it is continuing to grow rapidly and the rest of the left is playing catch-up. And not doing very well partly due to their sectarian nature.