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People Not Profit Liverpool Social Forum

People Not Profit | 02.05.2002 20:10

People Not Profit Socail Forum 1pm - 10. 30 4th May -linking the local with the global, a brillaint forum coming up - international struggles with local, locally

People Not Profit SOCIAL FORUM
Saturday 4th May -

1 – 5pm - The Art Café ( Old Hub) on Berry St.

1pm. Palestine. The true story. Speakers from Palestinian Community.

3pm. Regeneration in Liverpool ?- How come most of us are worse off? Local Campaigners speaking about why we should be regenerating Liverpool’s local communities and not private businesses.

6pm – 10pm - The Masque Theatre, Seel St

Fighting Injustice
6pm. Fighting Injustice in Britain.
Ninty-six Liverpool supporters died at a football match and 13 years later their families & supporters are still fighting for truth & justice.
Speaker from
The Hillsborough Justice Campaign and
Why when an unarmed Liverpool man was shot dead by Sussex Police was no-one prosecuted?
Speaker from
Justice for James Ashley Campaign.

All Power to the People – Speakers from the Black Panther Party
7.30pm. Robert King Wilkerson – ‘Angola Three’ former Black Panther – unjustly imprisoned for 29 years & Althea Francois former Black Panther & US Civil Rights Campaigner
Plus: ‘All Power To The People’ a film about the civil rights movement of the 60’s in the USA and the rise of The Black Panther Party. ( first UK showing)

All daytime events are free but from 7pm there will be a charge of £2 all profits going to the campaign to release the remaining ‘Angola Two’. Tickets available from News From Nowhere, Bold St.

People Not Profit
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