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Globalise Resistance had an extraordinary Mayday!

Melafefon | 02.05.2002 20:02

20,000 anti-capitalists and trade-unions in Trafalgar Square and 4,000 people partying in the streets of Soho.See beautiful pictures. (article 1)

Pictures from Clarkenwell Green at 1pm, than by 3pm arriving into Trafalgar Square with the nazi-to-the-bin banner, the huge puppet that marched all the way down, some pictures of the 20,000 protestors (yes, 20,000!) having the best Mayday march, the speakers, the sun and the 4,000 strong solidarity with the sex workers march and street party in Soho. It was a great day for the anti-capitalist movement in Britain- anti-capitalists and trade-unionists marching together.

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