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massive palestinian solidarity/hands of iraq demo in sheffield, 4th May

stop thewar | 02.05.2002 10:26 | Anti-militarism | Sheffield

a massive turnout is expected on sat may 4th as many different group unite for theis protest.

Justice for Palestine! Hands off Iraq!
Everyone to Sheffield town centre on May 4th!
called by Sheffield Campaigns Co-ordinating Committee

Muslim Association of Britain (Sheffield Branch), Sheffield Stop the War Coalition, Sheffield Green Party, Sheffield CND, Sheffield Trades Council, Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Yemeni Community Association, Sheffield Socialist Alliance, Yemeni Youth Association, Sheffield Iraq Campaign, Arab Community, Al-Khair, Al-Rahman, Sheffield University Palestine Society, Sheffield Hallam University SWSS, Sheffield Anti Nazi League

A massive turnout is expected on sat may 4th as many different groups unite for this protest. There will also be an anti-capitalist bloc, a social centre/squat with all night free party. details later....

stop thewar


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times/location of sheffield demo

02.05.2002 11:14

Sorry, forgot time/place of demo

Call for May 4th demonstration
11.00am Barker’s Pool, sheffield citycentre S1 (opp city hall)

bring flags, music, whistles, etc

more info