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God Save The Queen

Ghost in the tower. | 02.05.2002 09:45

Our jubilant monarch is to embark on a tour of 60 (safe) towns in the country to revel in the warmth and adulation of her faithful subjects. God save the Queen - because if anyone needs saved, it's her.

In her Jubilee address, the Queen extolled the virtues of her multi-cultural nation to an audience of elderly, rich, white, fawning politicians at Westminster Hall, none of the races she claims to “tolerate” as part of the fabric of British society were represented. She mentioned our “shrinking World” and how “expanding discipline” is necessary to “manage it,” which is simply a polite way of validating a military crackdown in the ‘Globalised New Order.’ The following day in a stage managed PR stunt to make her appear popular, she met white, Union Jack-waving residents of Falmouth ... with conscripted, cheering children included.

The Monarch should take her (BNP tainted) flag on an impromptu walk-about through Broadwater Farm or Bradford to meet her obedient, ‘contented’ subjects, or visit her Commonwealth ‘friends’ in Zimbabwe or Sierra Leone, in their ravaged villages, but like her mother, who was concerned with laddering her stockings as she ‘toured’ the rubble of the Blitz, the Queen is not living in the real World; the World created by her predecessors, through rape, plunder, exploitation and genocide. She said, we have “a long and proud history” – what has happened during her lifetime to be proud of?

The “transformation of the international landscape” she spoke of, has brought humanity to the brink of an abyss by the ruling classes, while they sit, untouchable in their ivory towers. The indigenous lands of Africans and Indians are becoming uninhabitable, through war, poverty and climate change, they have no alternative but to migrate, yet when they seek refuge in the United Kingdom they find themselves incarcerated like criminals and vilified by politicians, which rubs off onto the public psyche through the press. These are the values which she says find “expression in our national institutions -- including the monarchy and parliament” that is, values which are openly, institutionally racist and filter down to the CPS and the MET.

Our impartial Queen Elizabeth II has met, courted and entertained more blood-soaked dictators, than some people have had hot dinners. She gives them the red-carpet treatment, leaders like, Suharto, Jiang Zemin and Putin, after they have repressed or murdered millions of ‘rebels’ -those who resist corporate take-over and their tyrannical policies. Her hopes for the future in the “changing times ahead” rely on “the tradition of service” by her subjects, that is, service by the peasantry to the new, banking, oil grabbing, money laundering, drug and weapon cartel, aristocracy, embodied in British Monarchy.

Ghost in the tower.