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Audio report from Piccadilly

imc | 01.05.2002 13:21

Audio report from Piccadilly



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01.05.2002 13:53

just aword of solidarity from sydney
This morning the cops tried a new tactic involving horsers at the blockade of the ACM building at Sydney Mayday.ACM is the company that owns our refugeee camps.Rather than the old straight line in method they rode in a pack around in circles mowing the crowd down on every pass.Great trick eh? Heaps of my mates got pretty fucked up.So watch out!
But anyway
Dont let the barstards get you down,we didnt and mayday in sydney went on well into the afternoon and pretty much as soon as we left the blockade and started marching to the next place the cops started mellowing out a little and things were kinda ok from there on in.We visited the israeli consulate where we drew body outlines on the road outside and gave them a whole bunch of shit about palastine.Then afterwoods we went to john howards office in the city and burnt an effigy of him out the front.We had a rally and a show in martin place afterwoods I left about 4 and there were still people hanging around.


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