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Mayday 2002 - Breaking News

imc | 27.04.2002 16:14 May Day 2002

Mayday 2002 and London's Festival of Alternatives. Latest news and reports:

Tuesday April 30th:

The first of two Festival of Alternatives 'Free Markets' took place at the London Action Resource Centre (LARC) on Sunday, and was a small but significant success. The next is today, Tuesday 30th April from 4-8pm - so get down there.

A video shot and edited on the 29th of April in the Mayday Social by Undercurrents is just in. It shows the communal squatted space reclaimed for the Festival of Alternatives, to host workshops and trainings. It is at 10 Great Eastern Street (nearest tube - Old street, Liverpool streeet) As our space, it needs your participation to be a successful and inspiring place.

A newswire report highlights a common media bias in cases like the Womble trial. "This is what media organizations received today about the Wombles trial - most will undoubtedly use it. Remember, a lot of articles are often just reassembled bits of wire reports of organisations like the PressAssociation (PA) - very few newspapers will dispatch their own journalists to cover specifics." Read the Press Association report and below this link are some mainstream media reports.

For more information on background to the trial, check the Temporary Anti-Capitalist Teams site.

Personal report from Day one (monday) of the wombles trial - "Repression of WOMBLES defendants continues".

A group of artists have created a field of Wombles to show their support for May Day protestors. Read the full report, and link to picture. Using womble dolls given away at McDonalds the artists are creating a 'Antony Gormely' type installation - freeing the womble dolls from their servitude to commerce.

Monday April 29th:

We are all Wombles: The Womble 7 start their week in court - Read The Communique.
Wombles get armed with their rights - and their cushions BBC report on the wombles.
Evening Standards up to its propaganda tricks here.

Saturday April 27th:

Police surveillance at Conway Hall meeting, report.
Temporary Social Centre open for London May Day Festival of Alternatives Map and Programme of events
Mayday Corporate Press Roundup: 25th-27th April

Friday April 26th:
Police Ban Bradford May Day March 1 | 2
Critical Mass Ride in London Report and pics
Mayday Spoof Newspaper published

Additional links:

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