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Ozymandias | 22.04.2002 00:05

Sanfran bay area Mayday website

How come London (or any other UK city) doesn't have a nice flashy Mayday website?

(to the person about to answer "because *you* didn't make one"... well neither did you mate).

Anyone with time on their hands, have a look at the website, get some inspiration and then make a point of doing something similar for next year's website.

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one reason

22.04.2002 01:03

the reason that there is no Mayday website is because the state keeps shuting down what ever server it is on with in a few hours of it going up

welcome to the UK

no one of importance

internet = decentralised nonlocal medium

22.04.2002 02:58

erm. if its subversive then why host a project like this here in the uk?

internet is not bound by geographical national political boundaries - say whatever the fuck you like but host it in some place that doesn't act like a police state...

still amazes me why napster never went to the bahamas...

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Mayday Website (?)

22.04.2002 06:29

Perhaps I'm being niave and have fallen for an obvious government forgery, but I thought this was the official site:


We do have a Mayday website

22.04.2002 13:10

and here it is...

- Homepage:


22.04.2002 13:27

Re: I thought this was the official Mayday site.

Both this site and the ourmayday site are goodish but I just reckon the sanfran one was better. It had more content and more colour. We should aim to do something like that. It'll inspire more people.