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Police Brutality At London Palestine Demo

Anarchist Rioter | 06.04.2002 20:48

Today's solidarity protest with the people of occupied Palestine was marred by sporadic police brutality against the crowd. In one incident, a young Palestinian man was blatantly assaulted by TSG (riot) cops in front of a large group of onlookers.

Police Brutality At London Palestine Demo
Police Brutality At London Palestine Demo

The protest outside the Israeli embassy on Kensington Palace Gardens began shortly before 3 pm. With over 1,000 activists present, there was an unusually militant atmosphere. However, there were only about a dozen local police present.

At 4 pm, a small group of demonstrators broke through the barricade and attempted an impromptu sit-in in the road. The police quickly over-reacted, pushing and shoving several activists and arresting one man, who was led away in handcuffs. The cops could clearly be seen calling for reinforcements on their radios - within ten minutes, a group of Territorial Support Group (riot cops) had arrived and deployed in front of the demonstration.

6 pm - A young Palestinian man accidentally strays in front of the barricade. A black TSG officer demands that he moves, but before the man even has a chance to respond, the officer has assaulted him. The young man is pushed onto the ground with his arms behind his back. Three riot cops then proceed to sit on him while the handcuffs are fitted. He is then led away to a waiting police van.

7 pm - The atmosphere is militant but calm, in spite of the continual police provocation. A huge number of cars and buses carrying flag-waving Palestinian activists drive past, horns beeping.

7:15 pm - The TSG finally drive off in two vans and the demonstration begins to disperse. All in all, another blatant display of police violence on the streets of London. And it isn't even Mayday yet!

Anarchist Rioter