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Thousands Protest in London

16.04.2002 03:16 | Peace not War | London

Tens of thousands of people marched in London on Saturday 13th April in a pro-Palestine demonstration to protest against Israeli military action in the West Bank. Called by the Muslim Association of Britain, the protest was supported by many organisations including CND and the Stop The War Coalition. Disagreement on the numbers participating was greater than any of the recent anti-war protests, with the BBC and others initially reporting 50-100,000, then dramatically scaling the figures down after police revised their figures down to 10-15,000 - meanwhile some news organisation reported just hundreds! At the same time in Exeter 300 people held a march for Palestinian rights, while 3000 tried to march to the now infamous town of Jenin; the day before on Friday, a group of activists occupied the head offices of Caterpillar in Desford, Leicestershire in protest at the bulldozer-building company profiteering from the situation in Palestine.
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thousands protest in london
thousands protest in london

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