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07.04.2002 11:12

Muslim groups, trade unions, peace activists and anti-capitalist groups among others joined forces to demonstrate in London at the CND "Don't STARt WARS" demo on sat 30th April. Supported by the Stop The War coalition the march and rally was against the US Star Wars missile defence system but included resistance to the 'war on terror', its expansion to Iraq and other countries, and also the military action in Palestine. The march went from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square and included several sit down protests, during one of which a senior police officer threatened a bystander with a beating if "it kicked off". In Trafalgar Square several speakers called for more direct action, both against any UK involvement in the US Star Wars system, and immediately should any attack on Iraq start. Organisers put the numbers at 8,000, while some said 20,000, and the police reported just over 3,500. Report 1 | Report 2 | Photos 1 | 2

A parallel protest called by DAAWN (direct action against war now!) saw its meeting point of Grosvenor Square.Report | Photos


Media blackout fails to dim anti-war efforts

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