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To All Civil Society by Luca Casarini

Sherwood Comunicazione | 22.03.2002 12:15

What happened in Bologna is a horrible pro-regime homicide.
I reaffirm this and I will continue to state this with all my might along with thousands and thousands of people, knowing that this thought is shared by a lot of people.

What does this mean? It means that it is not the “terrorism”, as the term is being used, of a previous time in this country.
Nor is it the “strategy of tension”, which was inaugurated in 1969 with a state planted fascist bomb in Piazza Fontana. Those two settings were completely different from today, as were the culture, the political and social climate in Italy as in the rest of the world. The needs of the various state apparatus were different, the “field of action”, the nation-state was different.
The thinking of thousands of youth, who wanted to fight with arms, was different.
Professor Biagi has been “had” killed in this time, today. Whoever reads the delirious emails going round from those claiming responsibility can come to understand a great deal. The culture expressed in those pages is dead and buried, with the society and among the extraordinary new movements struggling for a new democracy.
That culture which speaks of “imperialism” instead, as we do, of Empire, that culture which wants the “Dictatorship of the Proleteriat” (what proleteriat? Dictatorship? Of what...globalization?) and not real democracy; those skillfully composed phrases from highly informed notions of economics and absurd prehistoric readings of social development are not expressions of a living, real subjectivity.

They betray an abstraction of reasoning which belongs more to maniacal psychotic pathology than to political line. To attribute to this, as some are doing, a “destabilizing design” would be like attributing to it the crime of the Florence “Monster” or to a serial killer who comes out here and there. These are serial homicides not actions expressing a political will. But they become political because they get spinned as such by some political “manoeuvrer”. They are homicides that stabilize. They serve only those who want to stop the large-scale movements, to those who want to drag us into a war against civilians, as we have seen in Genova, New York and Afgahnistan in order to produce a new despotic, anti-democratic sovereignty in which violation of human rights is standard fare.

It was a pro-regime homicide not only for the ignoble political uses for which it is applied by the Italian Manufacturers Association, the government and political apparatuses, even those of the Left which instead of saying what they know deep down continue to cover up evidence. It was also because it had been announced, even called for by ministers, cabinet members, and undersecretaries. It was called for because the social struggles for rights and democracy, which had expressed itself in these years in such a radical, pacifist, disobedient way, still posed a danger.
Marco Biagi knew he was in danger.

He had asked many times for protection but was denied it by Minister Scajola of Genoa.
The article in a weekly magazine that clearly depicted Biagi as a target should probably be read as an attempt by someone within one of the apparatuses to make the plan to kill Biagi fail.
The article had the sense to say as much in its preface. Even the telephone call received by the professor on Tuesday should be read more as a warning than a threat.
If someone wants to kill you, they dont warn you first.
Here we are in the presence of a clash between State apparatuses.
It is this complexity that explains the pro-regime homicide.

It is the use of the one and the other - seven sickos with a famous logo and the military which moves about in full liberty - that explains what is happening now. While immigrants are confronted by navy boats, the government calls a state of emergency. While more and more impunity is shown towards the powerful and corrupt, the weak are thrown in prison. While control of information is centralized into fewer hands in a society that lives on information, the regime trys to block independent media out of existence.
These are my thoughts.
About these things in the last delirious document put out by the sect that calls itself NTA.

I have been targeted as someone to take out. Maroni [Italian Minister of Labor, Lega Norda] has also marked me as a tarket to take out, naming me by first and last name.
So we see that the two are in agreement. If they want to take me out they know that on the 23rd I will be in Rome with my comrades.

And I will struggle for a strike...of the entire country for a new democracy.

Sherwood Comunicazione
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