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Green Party Militarism

Bleeding Heart Collective | 18.03.2002 18:13

In answer to Dan's piece on Green Party militarism from peter wakeham in LooTown Beds

I spoke to eastern Region press officer of green Party James Abbott and he said:

"I know the sender. Its all very disappointing. I think he has sought to find
what he wants to find. He has not mentioned the UK Greens asking the German
Greens to think again about their support for war. Nor the consistent and
principled actions of leading Greens such as Caroline Lucas in demonstrating
against nuclear weapons.

The GP has always had a policy of having a defence organisation as far as I
am aware. So that is not a change.

I have just been on the Conference web site. The matters to which Dan are
referring are in fact in a DRAFT voting paper which has many ammendments to
it. So it is not even going to be party policy until at least the next
Conference and I do not know if it was passed or which ammendments
succeeded. I have had a look at the specific paragraphs Dan refers to and I
do not take the same conclusions as he does.

The paper opens with a reaffirment of long-standing GP policy against war. I
will certainly have a close look at what was finally recommended to next
Conference but from what I have seen so far I do not understand where Dan is
coming from other than seeking to show (incorrectly) that we are 'the same
as all the others' which is a worrying trait in current political analysis
when the Greens really ARE different !"

any commments?

Bleeding Heart Collective
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